The Neon Park and the Garcia Collection

The lovely old  Glorieta Brewery Building between Lomas, the railroad tracks and John Street, in downtown Albuquerque is being restored and promises to be the crowning glory of the Garcia collection. It’s part of an 8 acre complex recently purchased by the Garcia family where the new Neon Park will shine with nostalgia from the good old days. Cream of the crop, meticulously restored Albuquerque and New Mexican neon treasures will be displayed in an old warehouse across from the brick brewery. 

This is the boneyard of the yet to be restored 
next phase of the Neon Park’s restoration. 

A secret glimpse into the museum’s back room during a 2018 event.

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1 Response to The Neon Park and the Garcia Collection

  1. albuquerque resident says:

    When is this going to open? Very excited for this and the adjoining food, beverage, and entertainment buildings – please continue this effort despite failing plans for pedestrian trail from Lomas to Downtown and beyond.

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